Automated temperature capture and recording for food compliance and safety

Zebra Food Safety Solution

Zebra Food Safety Solution

Automated capture and recording for compliance and safety

Electronic Records

Captures and stores all data in real-time allowing for simpler and faster audits.

Automatic Notifications

Provides real-time change in temperature alerts on smart devices and user friendly dashboard.

Professional Services

Our professionals are available to work with your team to design, implement and advise around FSMA and your plans.

Flexible Deployment

Supports both fixed refrigerators and on the go shipments, providing end-to-end visibility.

Health and Safety

Prevent recalls and damage to brand with reliable documentation and live monitors.

User Friendly Technology

The solution comprises of every day devices already in your operations along with the latest advance technology for easy rollout and scale.

Automating Food Safety

The Zebra solution for food safety is designed to address the challenges of the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and offer a truly innovative solution.

  • Industry standards based solutions
  • Automated documentation for simpler and accurate audits
  • Greater insights and intelligence for better food safety
  • Easy to use and user-friendly solution
  • Integrated solution for faster rollout

How does it work?

Zebra's food safety Solution contains four main components.





After a simple installation of the sensors, you will immediately begin receiving the temperature data from either your smart refrigeration or portable shipment. The data is stored in a secured cloud for easy audit, alerts and notifications and intelligence dashboard.

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How can Zebra’s Food Safety Solution benefit your food safety program?

Better compliance

The solution addresses FSMA and with the electronic data storage it makes it easier to perform audits and support auditors, ensuring better compliance and easy of mind.

Time Saving

The automated system ensures personnel can focus on core functions while the system captures all the data accurately, eliminating errors and lost data and unnecessary costly recalls.

Greater Intelligence

The solution enables organizations to gain new intelligence around operations, leading to increased productivity, revenue and savings.